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FDA to re-evaluate gay blood ban
 The Food and Drug Administration seeks comment from the public as it moves to reconsider its blood donor policies.

North Miami shooting: Man, wounded caretaker reunite
 The North Miami behavioral therapist shot by police last week as he tried to calm a man with autism in his care was back in a Florida hospital on Thursday.

Russian officials blame thawed reindeer carcass in anthrax outbreak
 Thirteen people have been hospitalized amid an outbreak of anthrax in western Siberia, the governor's office of the Yamalo-Nenets autonomous region reported Thursday. Experts with the Russian Ministry of Agriculture believe the cause of infection is the thawing of the frozen carcass of a reindeer that died 75 years ago.

How humans have grown the last 100 years
 On average, we're taller than our predecessors thanks to better nutrition and health, according to new research released Tuesday .

A 'human' designed to survive a car crash
 To up your chances of surviving a car accident, it would help if your ultra-thick ribcage were lined with sacs that served as natural airbags and if your face were flattened, your skull much larger, your skin thicker and your knees able to move in all directions.

Does it pass the 'smell test?' Seeking ways to diagnose Alzheimer's early
 Alzheimer's researchers are looking to our noses and our eyes for early signs of disease.

What your sleep says about your health
 Do you sleep between seven to nine hours per night? According to the experts this is the amount needed, on average, to keep our minds alert and our bodies healthy -- but many people aren't getting enough.

Americans wary of gene-editing, brain chips, synthetic blood
 Designer babies, brain-boosting chips and "superhuman" synthetic blood may sound like science fiction, but due to advances in biomedical technologies, they soon could be a reality.

Ice Bucket Challenge celebrates its gene discovery
 Ice Bucket Challenge's 2nd anniversary celebrates its gene discovery

Children stung by terror: Stop the hate
 They are teenagers and young adults. Yet in their short lives they each have been touched by terror.

Dolly the sheep's cloned sisters enjoy good health despite their old age
 Though growing old, Dolly's sheep siblings are no worse for wear. Debbie, Denise, Dianna and Daisy, clones all derived from the same cell line as the first cloned mammal, show no signs of long-term health issues, according to research published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications. The clones are, in fact, in vigorous good condition despite the fact that they range in age from 7 to 9, or about 60 to 70 in human years.

Jupiter's giant red storm makes its atmosphere hotter than molten lava
 Jupiter's Great Red Spot, the humungous storm that has roiled the gas giant for up to 300 years, also heats the planet's atmosphere to scorching temperatures, new findings show.

What was that mystery light in the sky?
 Bright, long streaks of light soared across the sky from Utah to California, stunning residents who got an unexpected show Wednesday night.

A first look at atmosphere of new Earth-like planets
 For a craft that was launched in 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope continues to provide us with awe-inspiring firsts. This time, researchers pointed its venerable lens in the direction of Earth-size planets beyond our solar system to give us the first glimpse into their atmospheres, according to a new study.

Human nasal bacteria might be superbug killer
 Scientists searching for a solution to ever-resistant, infection-causing bacteria may have found an answer much closer to home than expected -- up our noses.

A very special penguin hatches at Bronx Zoo
 It's the first time a penguin from this species has been born in New York's Bronx Zoo in its 120+ year history.

Boy raises $20,000 for children's hospital
 There are a lot of ways a 10-year-old boy might spend $500. But when Blake Kroll auctioned off his pig for $500 at the county fair, he donated his earnings to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

Medicare's new ratings draw fire from hospitals
 The federal government released its first overall hospital quality rating on Wednesday, slapping average or below average scores on many of the nation's best-known hospitals while awarding top scores to dozens of unheralded ones.

Scientists find cancer in million-year-old fossil
 Ancient bones, and ancient cancer. This may affect the way we understand the disease.

Teen athletes less likely to abuse opioids, study finds
 Teenagers engaged in sports and exercise have lower risks of using opioids without a doctor's order, according to a study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics.

Little girl has tea party with officer who saved her life
 This is the cutest thing you'll see all day -- maybe even all week.

British Pokemon Go player says catching 'em all shed pounds
 Catching 'em all is the Pokemon Go player's goal, but in doing so one British man claims to have lost something -- more than 12 kilograms (28 pounds) in weight.

Start a summer workout instead
 Forget about fitness-focused New Year's resolutions. Experts say that the summer might actually be the best time of year to conquer a new workout routine.

Together in sickness, married in health
 Leeanne Hester was seeing a patient when she suddenly felt like she was going to pass out and had to excuse herself from the room. The 23-year-old was working a part-time job at a primary care physician's office while close to finishing earning her master's degree in public health at George Washington University in the early summer of 2013.

Zika found in common house mosquitoes in Brazil
 Researchers in Brazil announced Thursday the "presence of the Zika virus" in Culex mosquitoes (the common house mosquito) in the eastern city of Recife. The findings were released with a word of caution: "The obtained data will require additional studies in order to assess the potential participation of Culex in the spread of Zika and its role in the epidemic."

First known case of female-to-male Zika transmission announced
 In another startling Zika development, the first case of female-to-male sexual transmission of the Zika virus has occurred in New York, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Friday. Up until now, it was thought that the only likely route of sexual transmission was male-to-female or male-to-male.

Florida officials investigating 4 possible non-travel-related Zika cases
 Health officials in Florida are now investigating four cases of Zika virus that might not be travel-related, the state Department of Health said Wednesday.

Florida health officials confirm local Zika transmission
 Four individuals in Miami-Dade and Broward counties have been infected with the Zika virus by local mosquitoes, Florida health officials said Friday.

The mosquito menace
 Why the mosquito that spreads the Zika virus is flourishing in the urban environment.

'The worst day of my life'
 The threat of the Zika virus has now become international, but the alarm was raised in Brazil last year when a growing number of cases of microcephaly began to emerge.

What you need to know
 An alarming and disturbing infection linked to thousands of babies being born with underdeveloped brains is spreading through the Americas.

Key unanswered questions
 What we still don't know about the Zika virus and microcephaly.

'Frozen babies'
 More and more couples in the US are using donated embryos to have a child of their own - and many say they are motivated to 'adopt' by religious and ethical beliefs.

'Sugar daddy' syndrome
 Aids remains the biggest cause of death among young people in Africa and the number of lives lost in this group has tripled in the past 16 years, writes the BBC's Karen Allen.

Radical thinking
 Joe Mcgarry doesn't know whether his alcoholism led him a life on the streets, or the other way around.

Truth drug
 Dozens of former child patients at a psychiatric hospital in the 1960s and 70s claim they were experimented on with a so-called truth serum.

One mother, six twins
 Danesha Couch from Kansas City tells BBC News she feels "blessed" after giving birth to her third set of twins on 17 June.

Google's DeepMind
 Google has made headlines for its forays into healthcare but what is its ultimate goal?

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