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Brain Exercises: Keeping The Top of Your Body in Tip Top Shape (1)

Adapted from a posting on
Seniors are quite wise to focus on ways to exercise their bodies and keep it young, but exercising the brain is also a priority as we get older, and is often overlooked.  The piece below, based on a posting that appears on the extensive knowledge-intensive site, discusses another recommended website, which can help you keep the old neurons in shape. --Dr. Don Rose, Writer, Life Alert
Want a free, fun, enlightening way to exercise the most important organ in your body -- your brain? Then we highly recommend visiting a very cool website, featuring Interactive Puzzles, created by the BrainWaves Center.
The folks at the BrainWaves Center are developing practical applications of current research in the neurosciences, to help their readers improve and/or maintain their mental skills. To achieve this goal, their site provides an excellent section with Interactive Brain Puzzles, designed to build “mental muscle”. These cool-sounding puzzles include Addlocks, Alphabetics, Ana-games, Anasearches, Digi-clues and Numberlockers.








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