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Real Life Testimonials from Life Alert ® Members


For over 20 years, Life Alert has received calls and letters thanking the company for its service, illustrating how its lifesaving service is more vital than ever in the lives of its members and their families. Subscribers from across the country have been writing in to thank Life Alert in ever greater numbers. In fact, on average, Life Alert is receiving over 500 testimonials a week from Life Alert customers as well as their family members.

Some common themes emerge from all these Life Alert testimonials. Again and again, subscribers praise the company’s dispatchers for being “courteous” and “helpful”, as well as “prompt” and “patient.” In addition, most members say how glad they are that Life Alert always stays on the line until help arrives at the member’s home.

We are also receiving an increasing number of testimonials from younger Life Alert members. For example, Wanda B. is in her forties, lives alone, and passed out from heat stroke when her air conditioning malfunctioned; when she awoke, the police and an ambulance were already at her home because she hit her pendant as she went unconscious, signaling Life Alert to send help. She says “Life Alert definitely saved my life” – a statement we have heard time and time again from many of our subscribers. Life Alert also gets testimonials from people who used to be with other emergency response companies, but switch to Life Alert because of our trusted name and superior service.

Whatever the reason that Life Alert members write in, the company expresses its gratitude in return to all of its loyal members. Below are some examples of Life Alert customers sharing heartfelt appreciation for our service. To read more of the real life testimonials submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members, please visit Life Alert Testimonials.


On March 4, I was asleep in my bedroom at about 10pm when the telephone rang. It was the local police, advising me that Life Alert had called them; my Life Alert smoke alarm detector had notified them my house was on fire. They also said Life Alert had sent fire engines to put out the fire, and I should get out of the house. I got up, grabbed some clothes, left the house just as the firemen came. They soon put out the fire, saving my house -- and me.

William L., Clyde OH

I’m a Life Alert member in my forties who lives alone, and I’ve had the service for over 4 years. On the first Friday of June this year, the lights in my apartment kept going off and on, because my air conditioning was having a surge and malfunctioning. I was laying on the sofa, and at around 830, I went unconscious. I had had a heat stroke, and passed out.

When I woke up, I was sprawled out on the floor, and around me were three police officers and two ambulance attendees. I could hear Life Alert talking to the ambulance lady over my Life Alert unit, and to one of the officers, then they put me on the stretcher and took me to the hospital. Turns out I had activated my pendant as I went unconscious, which signaled Life Alert, who immediately summoned help.

Life Alert definitely saved my life. I am so happy with the service. If you value your life, if you value your independence, please get it. If not for Life Alert, I wouldn’t be here. Life Alert is not just for older people, and I’m living proof. I tell everyone I know to get it because it’s worth every penny, and the peace of mind is priceless.

Wanda B., East Orange NJ

We had an AC power loss at around 6am one morning. I was sound asleep at the time. I am extremely grateful that you called my home to tell me about the outage, because it saved my life. I’m on continuous oxygen, and while it does have an alarm if power goes off, it’s not very loud, and I was asleep when the power went out. Thank goodness you called me – I wasn’t getting any oxygen at that point, which would have led to brain damage and certain death. I wouldn’t have ever woken up without your call.  This is the first time in two years I’ve had to use Life Alert; thank you so much for being there when I needed you. I can’t thank you enough for calling me and saving my life.

Carol G., Calimesa CA

I am a new subscriber and would like to thank you profoundly already. I am a brittle type-1 diabetic, and I suffer from severe high and low blood sugar. When I ordered Life Alert, your representative advised me to wear the help button on a wristband in the event the low blood sugar would bring on the neurological symptoms that occur frequently with me. In the very first month or so, your service paid for itself by saving my life. I had a severe low blood sugar episode, and could not move or speak. I was in bed and not even sure what was going on. It took me some time, but I was able to push the button on my wrist. Your people were immediately over the intercom with me and, hearing my distress, they immediately summoned help. The police and paramedics arrived quickly and the medics administered glucagon, which saved my life. I was brought to the hospital and released a short while later.

Thank you, Life Alert. The nurse in the emergency room told me she wasn’t sure I was going to make it. If I had not had the Life Alert system, I would not be alive today.

Elyse H., North Babylon NY

My mother has been living out in the country, all by herself. One day, she got up but felt very confused. She wanted to dial her phone to get help, but couldn’t. Then she remembered she had Life Alert, so she squeezed her pendant. It turned out my mother was having a stroke, and the ONE thing she remembered to do (and was able to do) was push the button on her Life Alert necklace, which she never took off. This alerted your dispatcher, who contacted me and sent paramedics to my mother's house to assist her. Life Alert saved her life. Our family is so happy and grateful.

Another time my mom's electricity went out, and she got really scared. She pushed her Life Alert button; your people comforted her and called the power company for her. I’d recommend your service to anyone who has an elderly person in the family who lives alone. Life Alert does exactly what they say they're going to do. We love the overall peace of mind you give her. We all feel it was money well spent.

Barbara C., The Plains, OH

Thank you for saving my life and my home as well. I was boiling chicken and completely forgot about it. I went to the garage to clean up, and soon I heard my neighbor and some firemen, who you contacted, coming up to my house. My home was now filled with so much smoke it looked like a dirty fishbowl. Luckily, you got the signal from my smoke alarm and contacted my friends, neighbors and the Fire Department. If not for you I might’ve lost my house forever. I’m very thankful and wanted to tell you how happy I am to have your service.

Audrey K., Camas WA

I had an intruder in my house, so I activated my Life Alert unit. As soon as your emergency person came on the unit, it scared that prowler away. I am in a wheelchair and was very grateful for all the help. Some forensics people came to my home taking fingerprints and my son also arrived on the scene. I am very happy with the service you are providing.

Billie G., Virginia Beach VA

I am a very happy subscriber – Life Alert is my security blanket and I have recommended it to family and friends who have also subscribed. It’s a great feeling of security. If you’re alone in your home and you collapse and can’t get to a phone, it’s a wonderful thing to have. One time I was making a burger and off goes the smoke alarm, and it starts talking to me. I thought, that’s funny, the fire alarm doesn’t usually do that. I had forgotten that you had also installed monitored smoke alarms in my apartment. Your people asked if they should send the fire department, but I explained I had made a burger with a lot of heat, that I was fine. They kept asking to make sure I was all right -- your dispatchers are extremely considerate and very concerned about my safety. Your smoke alarm came on even before my apartment building’s alarm came on. It was a marvelous feeling that Life Alert responded so quickly.

Harriet A., New York NY

Thank you for saving my Mom’s life. She had a stroke in the middle of the night, lost consciousness and fell in the bathroom, hitting her head. Her nose was bleeding really badly. When she woke up, she pushed the Life Alert button, and you immediately dispatched paramedics, who got to her in about 10 minutes. They got her stabilized and took her to the hospital. Your dispatcher also notified me of what happened, and I was even able to talk to the paramedics while they were helping my Mom at her house. I think Life Alert works extremely well. It saved my Mom’s life, because without it, she would have been laying there all night, since it all happened at one o’clock in the morning. Mom and I are both grateful she had Life Alert, and I recommend it highly to anyone living alone.

Art I., Kennewick WA

I’m writing to tell you what a lifesaver your service is. Recently, while living in a seniors apartment complex, my 81-year-old mother-in-law (Life Alert member) went to get her mail. Her mailbox was in an area of the complex that’s outside, away from her apartment. It was winter; very cold and very windy. During the trip to her mailbox, using her walker for support, the wind knocked her over and she broke her leg in 3 places. My mother-in-law was now stuck outside in the cold, helpless on the ground. If it wasn’t for her being a Life Alert member, she might have remained there for hours – or worse. Luckily, with Life Alert, everything worked out fine. After she fell, she pushed her pendant, and your company sent paramedics - even though she was not home and couldn’t respond to them! They did not find her at her residence, so they tried outside, where they soon found and rescued her. Thank you so much for your great service!

Pat O., Weldon Spring, MO

I live alone. One day I was expecting a contractor. When two men came by around the time the contractor was due, I assumed they worked with him. I was wrong. The men assaulted and robbed me. One of them pushed me to the bedroom. He grabbed my shoulder and I got a look at him. His hands were on his gun, pointed at my forehead. Being a religious woman, I thought: if he pulls the trigger, it will be a fast death, and I will be in a better place. Instead, he hit my head hard and shoved me into a dark bedroom closet. I was unconscious 5 to 10 minutes. Upon awakening, I realized no phone was nearby; it was in the bathroom across the hall. I knew it may take a long time to get to the phone, since I was dazed and injured - and leaving the room could be dangerous, since the attackers might still be there. If the robbers came back and found me alive, I’m convinced they would’ve shot me.

Fortunately, I always wear my Life Alert pendant. On the floor of the dark closet, I felt around for my pendant, found it and pushed it. I struggled to pull myself up, and held the closet door closed, afraid the intruders may be there. Once I felt safe, I left the closet, holding onto furniture to get across the room. I locked the bedroom door. Still scared for my life, I guarded it for a few minutes. I finally peeked outside and, feeling the area was now safe, I crossed the hall to the bathroom, locked the door and called 911. To my relief, 911 said the police and fire departments, as well as paramedics, had already been contacted by Life Alert; before my 911 call ended, help was here. Thanks to my pressing the button in the closet, help arrived fast. Paramedics stayed with me for 24 hours in my home. My grandson was now here; notifying family after a pendant is pushed is part of Life Alert service, so I felt safe and well enough to remain home.

I’ve had Life Alert for a few years now. I swear by it and recommend it to all seniors. Life Alert saved my life. They summoned the police and paramedics, who got here minutes after I pushed my pendant. I’m sold on it. In fact, my mom wore one too. In 1989, she fell in the kitchen and wouldn’t have been able to get help without Life Alert. For older people who live alone, it’s worth every penny.”

Opal E.

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